the base

  • sponge

  • dense butter cake 

    Flavours : vanilla / chocolate

     Special flavours on request

the fillings

  • vanilla whipped cream / butter cream (+/- fresh fruit of choice, eg. Strawberry / kiwi / pineapple / berries etc.) or flavours/zest (eg. orange, lemon etc.)

  • chocolate whipped cream / butter cream / ganache

  • coffeecream

  • speculoos

  • jam/jelly of choice

  • Lemoncurd (my recipe)

 How to order ?

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All cakes have minimum 2 layers of cake/sponge and 1 layer of filling. Standard is 3 layers of cake/sponge & 2 layers of filling. All kinds of combinations are possible.

Mixed fresh fruits : extra charges 

Marzipan cover (20 % almonds) only on request (depends on availability) : extra charges.


Orders must be placed 1 week - 10 days (2 weeks in case of big orders) before your event. Mail me and I will get back to you within 24hrs. You could choose your own theme/design or discuss the possibilities with me via e-mail/phone.


All orders may be picked up from Bierbeek; home delivery is also possible in and around Bierbeek / Leuven (additional charges may apply).


Please note : All cakes and cupcakes contain gluten, milk, eggs and may contain nuts.

Its very simple ! Choose your base, choose the filling and finally choose the theme/design :-)

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